There appear here a selection of Brian Stoddart’s recent commentary pieces.

“Keeping Up With the Joneses: Why Australia is Falling Behind the Neighbours on Higher Education”, The Conversation, 9 November 2011, at:



“Telangana: the UPA’s Next Trial?”, South Asia Masala, 24 October 2011, at:



“Rugby World Cup a Lottery Amidst Refreeing Chaos”, The Conversation, 22 October 2011, at:



“Sport, Politics, Power and Prestige: the Struggle Over the New Bill”, South Asia Masala, 30 September 2011, at:



“The Situation in Syria: a First Hand Account”,  The Conversation, 8 August 2011, at:


This piece also appeared in French at Causeur   and also on The Jasmine Report website

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