Earthquakes, Community, Rugby and Revolution

For rugby union fans the Super 15 competition is now getting interesting, and that interest as always is not only on the field.  Events this week ensured that we think about the game, its social context and meaning, and its reach into events far beyond those we might normally associate with it.  In the playing … Continue reading

Twittering Damascus

It was mesmerising to sit in Phnom Penh and “watch” on Twitter as events allegedly unfolded in Damascus overnight on 19/20 May and over the next 36 hours. Early on Sunday morning I logged on to Twitter as normal, because since signing up a year or so ago, after a lot of initial scepticism, it … Continue reading

Reading Highlights

In any reading life there occasionally comes along a spell where everything picked up (or now, rather, downloaded) turns out a winner. That probably mirrors the broader life itself: for the most part things meander along neither exceptionally nor unexceptionably, sometimes they turn ordinary to mediocre or even poor, every so often abysmal, leavened now … Continue reading

e-Book Crime

One of many consequences of the e-book revolution is the “opening” of both author outlet and reader access avenues. That is, with Kindle, Nook, Kobo and all the rest writers now have an alternative to the old grind of finding an agent and/or a publisher and then getting a deal and then getting published. There … Continue reading